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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - September 2015  •  Vol. 83 No. 7/8Increasing Complexity, Unplanned Change: The Story of School Finance in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin spends more public dollars on K-12 education than any other program. However, due to its complex nature, school finance is not well understood. The complicated “three-legged stool” approach implemented in the... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - July 2015  •  Vol. 83 No. 6How Do Towns Measure Up?

    The town meeting, where voters set the property tax levy, decide compensation for town offices, and adopt plans for the election of the town board, is one of the few remaining examples of direct democracy in the U.S. As a result, town... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - June 2015  •  Vol. 83 No. 5States Race for Federal Money

    In 2013, federal spending in Wisconsin was slightly more than the amount state residents and business paid in federal taxes. However, on a per capita basis, federal spending here trailed the U.S. average by nearly 17%: The Badger State... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - June 2015  •  Vol. 83 No. 6How Do Towns Measure Up? A Closer Look at Town Finance

    The town meeting, where voters set the property tax levy, decide compensation for town offices, and adopt plans for the election of the town board, is one of the few remaining examples of direct democracy in the U.S. As a result, town... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - May 2015  •  Vol. 83 No. 4The Spending No One Sees

    Like the federal tax code, Wisconsin’s tax laws are filled with exclusions, exemptions, deductions, and credits. Once passed into law, they are often forgotten by lawmakers. Yet, these “tax expenditures” have a variety... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - March 2015  •  Vol. 83 No. 3Chipping Away at Tradition: Constitutional Offices Past and Present

    When Wisconsin became a state in 1848, the new constitution created six positions to be elected statewide: governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, treasurer, and the superintendent of public instruction. As... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - February 2015  •  Vol. 83 No. 02Taxpayer: What's On The Ballot? The Supreme Court

    Voters will make two important decisions this spring affecting the Wisconsin Supreme Court. First, they will elect a supreme court justice to serve for the next ten years; Justice Ann Walsh Bradley is being challenged by Judge James P.... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - January 2015  •  Vol. 83 No. 01Wisconsin's Evolving Technical Colleges

    Wisconsin is home to the nation’s oldest technical college system, which was established in 1911 to enable residents to obtain training for technical and skilled positions and to encourage economic development. Since then, many... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - December 2014  •  Vol. 82 No. 12Here Comes the 2015-16 Legislature

    The 2014 elections were largely a continuation of the status quo. Republicans continue to control both houses of the legislature: 63-36 in the assembly and, pending a special election, 18-14 in the senate. Legislative turnover continued... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - December 2014  •  Vol. 82 No. 11Total Taxes in Wisconsin, 2014

    Total state and local taxes were nearly unchanged in 2014, rising 0.2% to $27.6 billion. State tax collections declined 0.6% due largely to individual income tax cuts, while local taxes rose 1.6%. State-imposed limits on property taxes... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - October 2014  •  Vol. 82 No. 10State Budget Process

    Wisconsin’s state budget is as important as it is extensive, covering taxes, spending, and a range of issues that touch on nearly every aspect of public life in Wisconsin. Voters do well to follow the state budget and influence it... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - September 2014  •  Vol. 82 No. 9Navigating the Property Tax

    The property tax is Wisconsin’s largest, oldest, and most confusing tax. At least five governments use the tax, and two different methods of valuing property are used to distribute taxes among property owners. One source of... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - August 2014  •  Vol. 82 No. 8How Have Schools Fared? Wisconsin vs. U.S.

    When tax revenues dropped during the 2007-09 recession, Wisconsin school funding suffered; revenues were tightened, spending was cut, staff and compensation were reduced. However, new Census Bureau figures suggest that Wisconsin’s... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - July 2014  •  Vol. 82 No. 6/7Issues for Voters, Questions for Candidates

    The November general election is fast approaching. Wisconsin voters will select a new legislature and there's also a race for governor. When these elected officials take office in January, they will have to tackle some pressing... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - May 2014  •  Vol. 82 No. 5State Tax Rankings: Digging a Little Deeper

    State and local tax burdens are frequently compared and ranked, but the proverbial devil is often in the details. For example, at $20,000 of income, a family of four in Wisconsin had the 33rd highest income tax load in the U.S., but at... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - April 2014  •  Vol. 82 No. 4A Closer Look at Public Debt

    While federal debt continues to climb, Wisconsin’s state-local debt situation is showing some signs of improvement. Combined state-local debt grew 0.3% in 2013, its smallest increase since 2008. State debt here totaled $13.7... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - March 2014  •  Vol. 82 No. 3The Impending Storm

    The impending retirement of the baby-boom generation will have significant effects on Wisconsin’s economy over the next 30 years. As this large cohort retires, the size of Wisconsin’s workforce will stall; the working-age... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - February 2014  •  Vol. 82 No. 2To Exceed or Not To Exceed?

    Since 1994, Wisconsin school districts have held almost 950 referenda to exceed state-imposed revenue caps. In 2013, 89% were nonrecurring (for a limited time), a reversal from 1994-98 when less than 20% were. During 1994-2013, voters... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - January 2014  •  Vol. 82 No. 1Investigating Local Law Enforcement

    In 2012, Wisconsin’s 297 individual and seven joint municipal police departments protected 3.8 million of Wisconsin’s 5.7 million residents. These departments employed an average of 2.03 full-time officers per 1,000... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - December 2013  •  Vol. 81 No. 12The County Sales Tax

    This year, 62 of the state’s 72 counties will impose the optional 0.5% sales tax. However, slow growth in statewide sales tax collections since 2000 raises issues about their reliability. During 2000-12, collections in 17 counties... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - November 2013  •  Vol. 81 No. 11Gauging Wisconsin’s 2013 Taxes

    Total state and local taxes in 2013 rose for the fourth consecutive year to $27.4 billion, a 2.1% increase from last year. Because total state income grew faster (3.9%), Wisconsin’s state-local tax burden fell slightly to 11.3% of... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - October 2013  •  Vol. 81 No. 10Does a College Degree Still “Pay?”

    More than at any time since the early 1970s, students and parents are asking whether it “pays” to earn a four-year college degree. Many factors are at work, including family expectations, inadequate high school preparation,... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - September 2013  •  Vol. 81 No. 9A Closer Look At Wisconsin’s Economy

    Focusing on short-term, statewide figures can mask regional variation and long-term trends in the state economy. During 2000-12, Wisconsin’s economy lost 1.4% of its jobs, while the nation gained 1.4%. Meanwhile, western and south... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - August 2013  •  Vol. 81 No. 8Window on the Wisconsin State Budget

    The recently enacted 2013-15 Wisconsin state budget authorizes the state to spend $70.38 billion over the next two years, including $2.05 billion from new borrowing. By year and excluding bonding, spending rises 3.5% in 2014 and 2.4% in... Read More

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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - July 2013  •  Vol. 81 No. 6/72013 Property Taxes in Review

    With tighter property tax limits in place, total property tax levies rose 0.8% to $10.47 billion in 2013. Combined with last year’s 0.2% increase, 2013 marked the first in at least 67 years that gross levies increased less than 1%... Read More

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