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Special Reports Constitutional Amendment: Transportation Fund

September 9, 2014
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In addition to electing a new legislature and governor, Wisconsinites will vote on a constitutional amendment in this November’s election. State law considers gas taxes and various driver and vehicle registration fees as user... Read More

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    Special Reports - September 19, 2012Your Election Homework

    The lead-up to elections gives the public more than enough sales pitches and superficial platitudes from candidates. As you prepare for the upcoming election, take some time to learn what you want to know about the candidates. With a... Read More

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    Special Reports - September 30, 2011Comparing UW Campuses: A Guide for Applicants, Parents

    College is an increasingly expensive proposition for students and their families—as well as for taxpayers. Rising debt among young graduates provides ample evidence. Over 70% of state residents graduate from a UW campus in debt.... Read More

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