What is the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance?

The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WISTAX) is the state's oldest and most respected private government research organization.

Since 1932, WISTAX has been promoting better government and an informed citizenry through its publications, public outreach, and extensive school programs.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education organization.

Nonpartisan and fiercely independent, WISTAX has earned an unrivaled reputation for accurate, objective research—for telling the truth simply and directly.

WISTAX does not lobby government, support or oppose candidates for public office, or take positions on state or local government issues. It is not affiliated with any other organization—national, state, or local.

WISTAX seeks to:

  • explain how state and local government work so voters and taxpayers, students and teachers can be more active and informed citizens; and
  • provide reliable data to members of the legislature, county boards, school boards, city councils, and other government bodies and economic development groups to foster intelligent decision-making.

WISTAX research and education programs are financed  by voluntary contributions from businesses, foundations, organizations, and individuals, and by subscription fees and publication sales.

In accordance with IRS regulations, WISTAX financial statements are available on request.

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