Wisconsin Policy Advisors at WISTAX

Professional Consultants for Hire

Does your county, city, town, school district, community group,  or trade association have an organizational, financial, or management issue that needs objective analysis?

Wisconsin Policy Advisors can help.

We provide comprehensive research and consulting services to help local governments, trade groups, and community organizations become more efficient. We have conducted financial, management, and organizational studies for many such groups.  

The WisPolicy staff is uniquely qualified to provide authoritative research and consulting services. Staff members are in regular contact with the governor's office, legislative leaders, and heads of state agencies, and are frequently appointed to serve on high-level study commissions.

Each year, the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance compiles two "one-of-a-kind" studies comparing school and municipal spending throughout Wisconsin. This research is used by  many local governments and trade associations.

Now, WisPolicy Advisors can help your municipality, county, school district or trade association leverage this research to solve problems unique to your organization.

We can compare the performance or finances of school districts or local governments; analyze the economic impact of your endeavor; forecast or simulate financial or demographic trends; suggest changes to improve organizational performance and efficiency; and help you conduct surveys to guage public attitudes.

And because WisPolicy Advisors  is a division of the nonprofit WISTAX, which considers consulting part of its core mission,  you are charged only for actual costs. That means we are affordable, too!

For more information on WisPolicy Advisors, our rates, and what we can do to help you, download this flyer and please e-mail or phone us at 608.241.9789.