Student Education Services

Civics Textbook

Students in middle school, high school and college use our civics textbook, The Framework of Your Wisconsin Government 2013-15 edition.

This 137-page textbook meets Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards and has been published and updated regularly since 1955.  It covers every level of local government, state government and state agencies, and has special chapters on the state budget process and how to get involved in government.

In addition to a traditional paper publication, the Framework  textbook is also available in a digital format. And, we have all-new Teacher Toolkits with PowerPoints, quizzes, keys, study guides and masters for every chapter, and hands-on activities to make civics real for students.

Wisconsin schools and others have ordered more than 300,000 copies, making it the most popular textbook on state and local government in Wisconsin.

Thanks to the generosity of donors like the American Transmission Company and the Wisconsin Counties Association The Framework is provided  to the 1,600 students participanting in the Badger Boys State and the Badger Girls State government leadership training camps in June. 

If you would like to help put  the Framework in schools and libraries across the state and ensure that it continues to be available to outstanding student leaders at the Badger State games, make a donation today.

Free School Lecture Service

In order for our representative form of government to survive and succeed, today's students must become tomorrow's informed citizens.

That's why WISTAX has been one of the only government research groups in the nation with an extensive citizen-education program in both public and private schools since 1955.

Our free school lecture service provides talks to students in grades 4-12 and in higher education too.

In collaboration with the classroom instructor, we cover a variety of topics—the political process, the state budget, taxes, spending, and the importance of individual participation in our system of government.

Our speakers include experts like a social studies teacher who worked as a lobbyist and who served for 14 years in the state legislature. Other speakers include a former newspaper reporter who covered state and local government, and a former state agency leader who turned legislator's ideas into reality.

For more information on the WISTAX School Lecture Service, please e-mail or phone us at 608.241.9789.