Citizen Education Services

Speakers Bureau

As part of our nonprofit mission, we provide free presentations statewide to citizens, community organizations and students in middle school, high school and college.

Are you in need of a new program idea? Are your club members looking for the straight story on taxes, budgets, and state fiscal trends?

Whether it's the noon Rotary Club or the evening Kiwanis, the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner or the local leadership institute, speakers from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WISTAX) can make your program a success.

Tens of thousands of Wisconsinites have learned more about their state and local governments through free WISTAX presentations.

WISTAX talks often blend basic facts about how Wisconsin taxes and spending compare with other states and current information about the state political and budgetary scene.

Developments in the State Capitol always provide much to talk about. We also offer presentations on a variety of other topics—property tax relief, legislative and budget reform, and Wisconsin's unique state-local finance system.

In close and regular contact with legislators, the governor's office, and state agency heads, WISTAX speakers are "in the know" and up to date. We offer a wealth of practical experience in state and local government.

View a recent presentation by WISTAX staff to CESA 10.

View a recent presentation by WISTAX staff to Citizens for a Strong Oshkosh.

View a recent presentation by WISTAX staff to the North Eastern Chamber Coalition.

If we can be of help as you put together your meeting programs, please e-mail or phone us at 608.241.9789.