WISTAX in the News

A sample of how Wisconsin media use WISTAX research to educate and inform the public about our government


State County Relationship Changing Amid Tensions

WISTAX Report on county government examines changing relationship between counties and the state of Wisconsin. WXPR, Rhinelander, Oct. 10, 2016


Where Will Wisconsin Find Enough Workers?

WISTAX research highights needs for 300,000 new workers by 2040. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sept. 4, 2016

Other Views: State Not Ready for Economic Downturn

WISTAX President Todd Berry recommends asking state legislative candidates how they will shore up the state's meager financial reserves. Janesville Gazette, August 19, 2016


Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance Highlights Education about Government

WISTAX's Todd Berry speaks with The Wheeler Report about our history, our research, and the future. The Wheeler Report, August 2016


Will Wisconsin's Finances Crush Walker's Presidential Dreams?

A story by Bloomberg News Service about Gov. Walker's political aspirations explores Wisconsin's budget issues and gets input from WISTAX President Todd Berry.

An Older, Grayer Wisconsin

An editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the Alliance's path-breaking research on Wisconsin's demographics and its future impact on the state economy and taxes.

Chasing Minnesota

A review of WISTAX Benchmarks, Wisconsin's Report Card

New North B2B Magazine

Where to find facts on state economic growth

WISC TV Channel 3 CBS

Tax Man: Todd Berry fights for taxpayers as head of WISTAX

InBusiness Magazine

Aging population will hurt Wisconsin's economy, government

Report: No growth in workforce through 2014

Wausau Daily Herald

Wave of boomer retirements may hurt Wisconsin's jobs picture

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Another Proposal for New State Revenues

Wisconsin Radio Network, January 21, 2014.

New Report Says Wisconsin's Regions Move at Different Economic Speeds

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Murphy's Law: The Truth About State Taxes

Urban Milwaukee

Columnist Bruce Murphy uses WISTAX research to assess Wisconsin's tax rankings.

State Needs to Foster Entrepreneurs

Wausau Daily Herald

In a recent interview with the Daily Herald Media Editorial Board, Todd Berry, president of the Wisconsin Taxpayer Alliance, noted that in general, states with the most new firm creation also have the most job growth. These states also have the most firms that go out of business.

Murphy's Law: In Defense of Goo Goos

Urban Milwaukee

Columnist Bruce Murphy explains "Why we need... the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance."

State Cuts, Limits Slow Local Growth

Poynette Press

While State government made headlines over the past decade moving from problem budget to problem budget, local governments experienced more significant but less noticed financial change, according to Todd A. Berry, President of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

Murphy's Law: The Not so Fiscally Conservative Governor

Urban Milwaukee

Columnist Bruce Murphy says: "Scott Walker hasn't solved the state's long-term fiscal deficit. He may actually make it worse."

Todd A. Berry: Taxpayer Group Never Endorses in Elections

La Crosse Tribune 

As has been the case for 80 years, the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance is dedicated to providing the media, teachers and students, and the press and public with factual information about state and local government. Although we encourage voters to be as well informed as possible before casting a ballot, WISTAX is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization. We do not lobby, advocate or become involved in election campaigns. We never support or oppose candidates or referendum positions.

Property Taxes See Lowest Rise in 15 Years

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Total statewide property taxes are up 0.3% in 2012, the smallest increase in 15 years, according to preliminary estimates released by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

State Demographics Loom Large

Wisconsin State Journal

Now don't take this the wrong way, Wisconsin, but you're graying fast. The median age of Wisconsin citizens was 38.5 in the 2010 Census. That's two-and-a-half years older than a decade ago, and more than a year older than the national average, according to a recent report by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

Town of Merton Should Create or Join a Fire District

Lake Country Reporter

The town's current approach to providing fire and emergency medical services (EMS) is not efficient, and the town should consider either joining an existing fire/EMS district or creating a new district with neighboring communities and departments, according to a recent study by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WISTAX).