WISTAX President Todd Berry evaluates Gov. Scott Walker's 2017-19 budget and how it can stimulate the state's economy

UW-Madison Retirement Society, February 2017 Watch here.

WISTAX President Todd Berry on Wisconsin's Transportation Funding Challenges

"Here and Now", Wisconsin Public Television, December 2016. Watch here.

Todd Berry on "Here and Now"

WISTAX President Todd Berry discussed Wisconsin's tax revenue shortfall and how lower-than-expected revenues could effect the state's budget and economy.  Watch here.

Todd Berry speaks at the City of Janesville City Manager's Meeting

WISTAX President Todd Berry delivered a speech entitled "Money makes the world go 'round:  State finances and budgets," in Janesville on January 7, 2016.  Watch here.

Todd Berry on Wisconsin's "State Report Card"

WISTAX President Todd Berry discussed Wisconsin's "Report Card" and some of  the state's transportation funding challenges on the November 8th, 2015 episode of WKOW's Capitol City Sunday.

Todd Berry on Wisconsin's transportation funding dilemma

WISTAX President Todd Berry is a guest on Wisconsin Public Television's Here and Now program on Friday, June 19 and discusses the state's transportation funding dilemma in the context of the state budget.

WISTAX on proposal to change top tax bracket

Madison ABC TV-27 WKOW looks into a legislative proposal to eliminate the state's top income tax bracket and interviews WISTAX President Todd Berry December 8, 2014.  

Todd Berry on State's Fiscal Picture

A report Thursday projected a $2.2 billion shortfall if state agency requests are granted. Wisconsin Public Television's Here and Now with Frederica Freyberg, November 21, 2014.

Looming Demographic Changes Will Challenge UW System 

Todd Berry, WISTAX President, briefed the UW System Board of Regents on WISTAX research showing the impending storm of  demographic changes confronting Wisconsin and the implications for higher education. Go to the 2hr, 2min mark at the November. 6, 2014 Board of Regents meeting.


Expert Says State Should Keep Reserve Funds

The state budget is staring at an imbalance. Partisans can't agree on whether the projected revenue shortfall is a problem and what caused it. WISTAX President Todd Berry explains the budget and posible solutions in an interview on Milwaukee's WISN TV Channel 12 Upfront with Mike Gousha, September 7, 2014. (5 minutes).

State Took in $281 Million Less Than Projected

Todd Berry talks about  new tax collection numbers  showing Wisconsin took in $281 million less than projected and discusses what it means for the state's future on Wisconsin Public Television's Here and Now  with Zach Schultz August 29, 2014. (5 minutes).

Tax Cuts Plays Central Role in Governor's Race

Frederica Freyberg reports on the impacts of a series of tax cuts from Gov. Scott Walker, and interviews several experts, including WISTAX President Todd Berry on Wisconisn Public Television's Here and Now, August 22, 2014.

Where to Find Facts on State Economic Growth

This editorial from WISC TV-Channel 3 in Madison shares what journalists think is the best source for accurate information on the state's economic growth as voters prepare for the upcoming elections and wade through candidate rhetoric, July 16, 2014. (1 minute).

Todd Berry Analyzes Impact of Fewer Candidates on Ballot

The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance president on the effect of a drop-off in candidates with Frederica Freyberg on Wisconsin Public Television's Here and Now, June 20, 2014.

Newsmakers: Aging Wisconsin = Fewer Workers

Todd Berry digs into the details of WISTAX research on the state's changing demographics in an interview on the Wisconsin Eye public policy channel's Newsmakers show with Senior Producer Steve Walters, May 16, 2014. (30 minutes).

Impending Storm: Wisconsin Population Trends Signal Trouble Ahead

Todd Berry discusses a new WISTAX report on Wisconsin's changing demographics that signal trouble ahead for the economy, tax collections and government -- regardless of who's running state government on Here and Now with host Frederica Freyberg, April 25, 2014. (5.35 minutes).

Todd Berry Discusses Governor's Tax Cut Proposals

on Wisconsin Public Television with Here and Now anchor Frederica Freyberg, January 24, 2014. (8.07 minutes).

Walker, State Officials Differ On Income Tax Withholding

With recent talk coming from the governor's office about an expected budget surplus, lawmakers and interest groups are squabbling over how that money should be spent -- or saved, according to this Channel 3000 (WISC TV 3 Madison) news report on January 17, 2014. (2.37 minutes).

Governor Eyes State Income Tax Cut, Elimination

 Todd Berry discusses the impact of proposals to eliminate the state income tax and the potential effect on sales taxes during Milwaukee's WISN-TV Sunday news show,  UpFront with Mike Gousha ,  on January 12, 2014. (6.5 minutes).

Does Wisconsin Have High Property Taxes?

That's the question posed to WISTAX President Todd Berry in this interview on WisconsinEye Newsmakers  program with Senior Producer Steve Walters December 9, 2013.

Todd Berry Breaks Down Property Tax Cut

The state's leading expert on property taxes explains the Governor's newly passed $100 million property tax cut in a five-minute interview on Wisconsin Public Television's Here and Now with host Frederica Freyberg October 18, 2013.

Proposed  Property Tax Cut Seen Before

Gov. Walker introduced a $100 million property tax cut plan that WISTAX President Todd Berry says is reminiscent of proposals by other governors in this interview on WKOW TV 27 in Madison October 11, 2013.

Public Sector Pension and Retiree Health Care Reform

Todd Berry, President of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, moderates a panel discussion on this issue at the Government Research Association's Annual Policy Conference in Milwaukee. The Conference was sponsored by the Milwaukee Public Policy Forum in July 2013, as part of the Forum's 100th anniversary. You can watch the panel discussion in this coverage provided by Wisconsin Eye.  (Dr. Berry's brief overview begins at about the 20-minute mark.) 

State Budgets and the Cycle of  Boom, Splurge, Crash, Deny 

The new state budget uses some of the same gimmicks as previous budgets, tying the state to its decade-long cycle of boom, splurge, crash and deny, says WISTAX President Todd A. Berry in a presentation to the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry June 18, 2013. You can see Dr. Berry's presentation in this broadcast by Marshfield Community Television.

Income Tax Cut Gets Bigger in Proposed 2013-15 State Budget

The Governor's proposed state income tax cut expanded to $650 million in the Assembly and WISTAX President Todd A. Berry provides perspective on what it means in this nearly five-minute interview on WIsconsin Public Television's Here and Now program with host Frederica Freyburg June 7, 2013.

Citizens Guide to the Local Impact of the State Budget

Here's a good overview of Wisconsin's economic and budget condition, the history behind our current fiscal situation and what it means for the future. It features Dr. Todd A. Berry, WISTAX President at a forum April 29, 2013 sponsored by the nonpartisan Citizens for a Strong Oshkosh. The forum is 1.5 hrs long but you can see Dr. Berry's 20-minute presentation by clicking on the five minute mark. 

What Does Gov. Walker's Proposed Income Tax Cut Mean for Taxpayers?

WISTAX President Todd A. Berry explains on Wisconsin Public Television's Here and Now with Frederica Freyberg. This six-minute April 19, 2013 interview explore's  Gov. Walker's proposed $343 million income tax cut provided in the planned 2013-15 state budget.

The 2013 Budget and Economic Outlook for Wisconsin Schools

Dr. Todd A. Berry, WISTAX President gives members of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards an overview of the state budget and economy and the outlook for schools in 2013 at the Association's November 10, 2012 Legislative Conference in Neenah. You can see Todd's hour-long presentation on Wisconsin Eye by clicking on the TV icon and fast forwarding to the 1 hr and 16 minute mark.

Trouble Looms for Wisconsin's Rural Schools

Some little noticed but consequential trends in rural school districts across Wisconsin will have serious impacts on local schools, according to testimony by Todd A. Berry, WISTAX President before the state's Senate's Committee on Education and Corrections August 29, 2012. You can see Todd's 15-minutes of tesimony on Wisconsin Eye by clicking on the TV icon and fast forwarding to the 2 hr and 50 minute mark.

State Income Tax is Like a Giant Compost Heap

That's the word from Todd Berry, WISTAX President, in this interview with Steve Walters on Wisconsin Eye's Newsmakers show June 21, 2012, as they discuss a state legislative effort to simply the Wisconsin income tax code.

Budget Problems Await Winner of Recall Election

Whomever wins the June 5 Gubernatorial recall election will be wrestling with tough state budgets, says WISTAX President Todd Berry on Wisconisin Public Television's Here and Now show with host Frederica Freyberg on April 27, 2012.

A deficit for 2013? WisconsinEye Newsmakers Explain

An unexpected drop in state tax collections portends a projected state budget deficit for 2013. Watch WISTAX President Todd Berry on WisconsinEye discuss Gov. Scott Walker's claims about state finances and how things look throught the lens of the WISTAX nonpartisan looking glass. The February 13, 2012 interview is  with  Wisconsin Eye Newsmakers host Steve Walters.

State Budget, Redistricting Change the Landscape

The 2011-13 state budget and recent legislative redistricting present opportunities and challenges. See a snippet of Todd Berry's community lecture on November 11, 2011 on the Eau Claire Leader Telegram's channel. WISTAX gives dozens of free speeches like this every year across Wisconsin as part of our nonprofit educational mission to promote good government and citizen involvement in our democracy.

New state budget has one bright spot

The 2011-13 budget potentially makes future budgeting easy because the state's debt has been reduced. Go to the Kenosha News online to see WISTAX President Todd Berry talk at UW-Parkside on July 11, 2011.

Up Front with Mike Gousha

Watch WISTAX President Todd Berry discuss the 2011-13 state budget and what it means for Wisconsin's financial future. Go to Milwaukee WISN-TV to see "Budget Observer Says Some Debt Restructured" on the June 25, 2011 segment.

Newsmakers: Inside the State Budget with Todd Berry

Watch WISTAX President Todd Berry talk with Senior Producer Steve Walters on the WisconsinEye Public Affairs network about the 2011-13 Wisconsin state budget. Go to Wisconsin Eye to see the June 14, 2011 interview.