Testimonials -- Words on WISTAX 

"I just read your column (on demographics)...Those trends are so interesting -- and frightening at the same time. You have done an excellent job of building the case for what's happening, and providing a call to action." -- Ross Evavold, Editor, The Chippewa Herald/Chippewa Valley Business Report, January 2015.

"Each year, The Star compiles its list of people, things, organizations and miscellany to demonstrate what we're thankful for. Here's our list for 2014: The Green Bay Packers....The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance." -- Editorial, The Sun Prairie Star, Nov. 25, 2014.

"We wrap up our pre-election review of our editorial agenda with the item that we never expected candidates to respond to. Indeed this was our responsibility, to help find for you help in deciphering candidates’ claims about their or their opponents’ job performance or promises having to do with the economy. We wanted to find you economic spin doctors. And we found a few, and their still helpful. The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance has performed a valuable service, as always, with its analysis of candidate statements." -- Neil Heinen, Editorial Director, WISC TV CBS Channel 3, Madison, October 22, 2014.

"A recent issue of Focus, the weekly newsletter from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance... has well-documented information to help citizens access how the state economy is performing in the face of competing claims of dubious trustworthiness by the two parties. It’s unbiased with broad context. It’s just the antidote we need to the economic spin doctor whose presence we will be unable to avoid over the coming months." -- Neil Heinen, Editorial Director, WISC TV CBS Channel 3, Madison, July 16, 2014.

"Reading the Wisconsin State Journal's editorial, 'Our Graying State Needs More Grads,' featuring your 'Impending Storm [research]' reminded me of the outstanding work you all do at Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance." -- John Eyster, instructor, UW-Whitewater, May 2014.

"If you guys [WISTAX] didn't exist, we'd have to invent you." -- Bill Barth, Editor, Beloit Daily News, March 2014.

"The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance has been a uniquely valuable asset to the cause of good government in this state for more than 80 years....Anyone who cares about good government should go to 'wistax.org' and consider becoming a member or making a donation."  -- Rice Lake Chronotype editorial, "Alliance promotes good government," January 8, 2014.

"Thanks! That really is a masterful explanation," -- Janesville Gazette reporter, November 2013.

"...I thank you for taking time to come to Oshkosh to  help shed light on the hidden nuances of the bienniel budget...the timely and enduring message of your insights never lose value or currency... the Planning Committee has been receiving many positive comments from people who attended..."  -- chancellor's office, UW-Oshkosh, May 2013.

"...Thank you for coming [to speak] and thank you for sharing such awesome information. I really appreciated your knowledge and insight and I really felt I learned a lot about a subject with a fact-based, bipartisan approach that was refreshing." -- Matthew Cranney, M3 Insurance, April 2013.