Services -- What We Do

The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance is a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) education organization, founded in 1932.

We promote citizen education through solid, nonpartisan research and outreach to media and school and community groups across the state.

We are fiercely independent and not connected to any state, local or national organization.

We take no government money and are funded through donations from individuals, businesses and foundations and sales of our publications.

To achieve broader public understanding of government taxing, spending and the state's economy, we focus on:

Solid Research: We collect and analyze data, and make it available to the public free through the WISTAX website and blog, dozens of affordable publications, and scores of free speeches.

WISTAX professionals also provide consulting help to municipal officials, legislators, news media, and other organizations regarding state and local government finances, management, and the state's economy.

Citizen Education: Each year, WISTAX professionals deliver scores of free presentations to civic and community organizations, economic development groups, and local government leaders across Wisconsin through our speakers bureau.

WISTAX also teaches young people  about the structure of state government and the legislative process through a free school lecture service.

We publish the state's only civics texbook. This 137-page citizen manual, The Framework of Your Wisconsin Government, is used in civics, and journalism classes in middle, high school and college.  It has been published and updated regularly since 1955. Wisconsin schools and others have ordered more than 300,000 copies, making it the most popular textbook on state and local government in Wisconsin.