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    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - October 2002  •  Vol. 70 No. 10Capital Ideas: Fiscal and Social

    This issue of The Wisconsin Taxpayer takes two very different approaches to public finance. The first looks at concrete issues of state budget processes and fiscal management. The second examines the elusive concept of “social... Read More

  2. 177.

    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - September 2002  •  Vol. 70 No. 9Aiding Wisconsin's Schools

    The state provides two-thirds of state-local school revenues through various aids and property tax credits. In 2000-01, the state spent $5,018 per student on school aids. Wisconsin now ranks above average nationally (24th) in state... Read More

  3. 178.

    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - August 2002  •  Vol. 70 No. 8Transportation Financing in Wisconsin

    Under existing plans, shortfalls in state transportation funding are projected in coming decades. Tough choices on both the expenditure and revenue sides of the ledger lie ahead. Rebuilding the southeastern Wisconsin freeway system... Read More

  4. 179.

    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - July 2002  •  Vol. 70 No. 7Election 2002: Challenges Ahead

    As the 2002 elections draw near, candidates should be addressing the pressing problems Wisconsin faces. State funding of K-12 and higher education is one issue. The rising costs of health care and the state’s correctional system... Read More

  5. 180.

    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - June 2002  •  Vol. 70 No. 6Election 2002: The Big Picture

    In November, Wisconsin voters will elect a governor and new legislature. This and the next issue of The Wisconsin Taxpayer focus on major issues facing the state. Changing demographics, economic competitiveness and state-local finances... Read More

  6. 181.

    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - May 2002  •  Vol. 70 No. 5Property Tax Comparisons, 2001-02

    Net property tax levies in Wisconsin rose 7.2% from 2001 to 2002, only slightly lower than last year. Property values were up 9.1%. The technical college levy rose the most (9.7%), followed by the state (9.1%), county (7.9%),... Read More

  7. 182.

    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - April 2002  •  Vol. 70 No. 4Tax Incremental Financing in Wisconsin

    Property values in Wisconsin tax incremental financing districts rose 20.6% from 2000 to 2001, the largest increase since 1983. However, the debate continues over the extent to which state tax-financing policy should be reformed. Read More

  8. 183.

    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - March 2002  •  Vol. 70 No. 3Do County Sales Taxes Lower Property Taxes?

    In 2001, county sales taxes generated $222.5 million for 55 Wisconsin counties. Although the collections are required to be used for property tax relief, less than full relief seems to be the norm. Twenty-one counties seem to be... Read More

  9. 184.

    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - February 2002  •  Vol. 70 No. 2State and Local Public Employment

    Wisconsin had 52.7 full-time equivalent state and local employees for every 1,000 residents in 2000, fewer than the national average. But full-time pay for state and local workers was 3.0% above average. More than half of state and... Read More

  10. 185.

    Wisconsin Taxpayer Magazine - January 2002  •  Vol. 70 No. 1Background to a State Budget Crisis

    The state’s finances have become increasingly precarious in recent years. In January, Wisconsin learned it faced a $1.1-billion deficit. A review of the 2001-03 budget, together with past fiscal trends, provides insight into... Read More

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