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    Focus Newsletter - June 30, 2016  •  No. 12How have schools here and elsewhere weathered economic and fiscal storms?

    New Census data through 2014 shed light on K-12 expenditures. In 2002, Wisconsin spent $8,574 per pupil, 11.3% more than the U.S. ($7,701). The difference between the two was due to benefits: Wisconsin spent $2,070 per pupil, or 57%... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - June 21, 2016  •  No. 11Historic July 4 speeches: Presidents Roosevelt and Reagan

    To mark civic holidays, WISTAX occasionally reprints historic documents. In two of the most memorable July 4 addresses, Presidents Franklin Roosevelt (D) and Ronald Reagan (R) invoked common purpose and shared sacrifice to... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - June 13, 2016  •  No. 10They’re off: State legislative candidates set for August primary, fall general

    With papers filed, Wisconsin candidates have kicked off the 2016 campaign. Despite reported high voter interest nationally, only 224 hopefuls filed for 115 state legislative seats —the lowest number since at least 2000. In 41... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - May 31, 2016  •  No. 9Final property tax numbers for 2016

    Gross property taxes to be collected this year rose 2.3% to $10.6b. School taxes, the single largest share of the levy at almost 46%, increased 2.0%, as did counties (20% of the total). Municipalities accounted for 25% of total levies... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - May 17, 2016  •  No. 8“Scoop and toss”: State again uses financial move to push debt into future

    In the past two decades, governors have restructured state debt in a way that generates funds for the cash-strapped general fund in the short-term while increasing state borrowing costs in the long run. Since 2000, these debt maneuvers... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - May 9, 2016  •  No. 7School districts exceeding state revenue limits by referendum, or . . .

    For more than 20 years, state law has imposed revenue limits on school districts that local voters could increase by referendum.  Until 2010, passage was a 50-50 proposition, but approval rates have since increased, topping 80%... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - April 15, 2016  •  No. 6Could national politics affect state balance of power and 2017-19 budget?

    Republicans control both houses of the legislature with comfortable majorities. However, if the presidential race now in disarray alters customary turnout and party preference patterns, the result could have ripple effects... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - March 29, 2016  •  No. 5State income tax story: Lessons about rates, wants, and inflation

    Wisconsin created the first state income tax in 1911. After 50 years, collections topped $150 million; today, they exceed $7 billion.  Collections surged during the 1960-2000 period. Revenue wants grew, marginal tax rates... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - March 18, 2016  •  No. 4“Perpetuation of our Political Institutions” - A. Lincoln, 1838

    To promote active, informed citizenship, we occasionally reprint important historical documents. In January 1838, Abraham Lincoln, then just 28, addressed the Young Men’s Lyceum in Springfield, IL. Aware that pro-slavery mobs... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - February 26, 2016  •  No. 3On the Sockeye surge, pander bears, and the federal income tax

    The federal income tax had 148.7 million filers and generated almost $1.4 trillion in revenue during the last tax season. The bulk of the filers (62.3%) had incomes under $50,000, while almost half (48.4%) of the income was reported by... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - February 16, 2016  •  No. 2The state of the state and its economy: Multiple perspectives

    Early each year, Wisconsin incumbents, both state and local, deliver “state of the . . .” messages. While these are usually political, other sources offer a more balanced view. Federal personal income figures show Wisconsin... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - January 11, 2016  •  No. 1County levies up 2%; total property taxes statewide up slightly more

    Based on levy increases of 2.1% for schools, 2.4% for technical colleges, and 2.0% for counties, it is estimated that 2015-16 property taxes statewide will increase about 2.2% when figures are finalized this spring. After state tax... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - December 31, 2015  •  No. 26Alphabet soup: New state CAFR shows increased “GAAP deficit”

    The state controller has released Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for 2015. Unlike state budgets susceptible to accounting tricks, the CAFR follows generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). It shows the... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - December 18, 2015  •  No. 25Simple gifts Wisconsin politicians could give the people

    In a twist on the journalistic tradition of listing holiday gifts for elected officials, simple ideas for gifts that state politicians could actually give the people of Wisconsin are offered. These practical presents would encourage... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - December 10, 2015  •  No. 24School, technical college tax increases somewhat higher in 2015-16

    Statewide, school property taxes for 2015-16 are up 2.1% to $4.85 billion, the largest increase since 2011 but below the 1997-2011 average (4.5%). In all, 275 districts raised taxes, while 143 cut them. Reasons for change included... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - November 30, 2015How Wisconsin governments spend: Priorities and trends (II)

    In 1985-86, commissions named by Gov. Anthony Earl (D) termed Wisconsin a“high spending” state and suggested a goal of reaching U.S. expenditure averages by 1993. That did not happen then, but it occurred several times in... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - November 20, 2015  •  No. 22How Wisconsin governments spend: Priorities and trends (I)

    New Census figures show that state-local spending in Wisconsin claimed 19.4% of personal income (24th highest) in 2013, or just 2.3% more than the U.S. average (19.0%). Twenty years prior, the state ranked higher (14th) and spent 11.0%... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - November 10, 2015  •  No. 21New Census tax figures: Wisconsin tax rank lower than thought

    The U.S. Census Bureau releases tax collection figures for states two years after the fact. New data for 2013 showed Wisconsin outside the top 10, while Minnesota ranked 8th and Illinois 9th. WISTAX analysis of the federal data found an... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - October 23, 2015  •  No. 20New state fiscal report answers budget questions

    Every October, state government issues its Annual Fiscal Report for the fiscal year ending the prior June. The new AFR shows Wisconsin closed its 2015 books with a general fund surplus of $135.6 million. Compared to annual general... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - October 8, 2015  •  No. 19A “real-world” look at business taxes in the states

    State-local taxes are often compared based on total collections per capita or relative to personal income. A better way to compare business taxes is to focus solely on the taxes firms might actually pay. Drawing on calculations... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - September 16, 2015  •  No. 18First depletion of U.S. entitlement in 2016; others follow within 20 years

    Social Security and Medicare, the nation’s largest programs, claim 42% of federal expenditures. Due to demographic pressures and partisan stasis, the two programs’ three trust funds (OASI, DI, and HI) will be depleted within... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - September 4, 2015  •  No. 17Baby-boom fallout and more: Understanding teacher trends

    A demographic sea change is occurring as Badger baby-boomers retire and birth rates plateau. One example is the 4.0% drop in state teacher counts during 2004-14. Part of this is due to state law and declining enrollments (-1.6%). The... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - August 31, 2015  •  No. 16State budget footnotes: Of tax hikes, free rides, and future finances

    During and after passage of a state budget bill, lawmakers invariably ask the Legislative Fiscal Bureau to examine three aspects of the two-year tax-and-spending plan: tax and fee changes; non-fiscal “free-riders” tucked... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - August 10, 2015  •  No. 15State property values continue slow climb back from recession lows

    The market value of Wisconsin property increased 2.4% this year to $490.7 billion. This was the second year of growth after five years of decline. Commercial and manufacturing values outperformed residential; farm and forest lands were... Read More

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    Focus Newsletter - July 31, 2015  •  No. 14State budget basics: A taxpayer’s crib sheet

    Wisconsin’s new 2015-17 budget spends $72.6 billion (b) from all sources, $32.9b from state general fund (GPR) revenues. It increases GPR spending 0.3% this year and 5.0% in 2017. Spending exceeds revenue by $30 million in 2017,... Read More

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