WI Government Framework eBook The Framework of Your Wisconsin Government -- All New Digital Edition!

August 2013  •  Vol. 18 No. 1-Eb
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  • Summary
  • This full-color digital version of The Framework of Your Wisconsin Government textbook has all the same content as the print version listed above.

    This is the only e-book on the market that specifically covers Wisconsin state and local government, and helps schools comply with the Model Academic Standards for civics set by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

    The Framework contains facts and figures from the 2013-15 state budget, charts, graphs, and anecdotal and historical information that makes civics education timely and relevant for middle, high school and college students.

    This full-color book includes photographs, pictures,  tables and hot links to online resources. 

    The Framework has a new section on understanding the state budget process and a new section on elections and political parties. It provides essential information on state, county, city, village, town and school governments in Wisconsin.

    It's great for classrooms, civic groups, youth groups, and people new to Wisconsin who want to understand how things are supposed to work in the Badger state.

    The Framework explains how Wisconsin's history led to our current institutions. It includes explanations on the legislative process, administrative rules, public records, open meetings, tribal government, and separation of powers, among many other things.

    The purchase of this digital edition entitles the school the right to reproduce copies for classroom use only. The reproduction of any portion of this textbook for an entire school system or district is prohibited.

    DigitalTeacher Toolkits are available for seperate purchase and feature supplmental materials.

    Toolkit #1 provides student worksheets, quizzes and full-color Power Point lectures for every chapter.

    Toolkit #2 also provides constructivist activities and extended readings. They can be purchased seperately or combined at a discount (Tool Kit #3).

    Framework Textbook Table of Contents



    Chapter 1 -- Wisconsin: Its People, Economy, and Government

    Covers population patterns, political thought that influenced the state's founding and development, units of government, tribal government, and how government changes.

    Chapter 2 -- Political Paties and Elections

    Covers the role of political parties, the news media, interest groups, lobbyists, casting your vote, and the public records law.

    Chapter 3 -- The State Constitution & the Legislative Branch

    Covers the state constitution, the Legislature, Legislative leaders and making new laws.

    Chapter 4 -- The Judicial and Executive Branch

    Covers the state court system, the governor's office and cabinets, state government organization, and state agencies.

    Chapter 5 -- State Government -- State Budget Overveiw

    Covers financing state government, the state budget process, revenues, expenditures, and state-local interactions

    Chapter 6 -- Counties

    Covers the county's role, unique county offices, different leadership systems, role of county board/executives/administrators, county activities and financing.

    Chapter 7 -- Towns

    Covers various kinds of towns, service problems, powers, finances, and the town hall meeting.

    Chapter 8 -- Cities and Villages

    Covers the differences between cities/villages, boundary issues, finances, and property tax systems.

    Chapter 9 -- Education

    Covers state supervision, types of elementary/high schools, financing schools, alternatives to public schools, the WI Technical College system and the University of Wisconsin system.

    Chapter 10 -- Getting Involved

    Covers how politics is democracy in action, the continuum of political action; apathy, casting an informed vote; running for office, and civil disobedience





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