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  • Summary
  • The 2009 version features 2007-08 actual and 2008-09 budgeted revenue and expenditure figures, along with information on staff sizes and ratios, test scores, salaries, property values, fund balances, student characteristics and more for every school district in Wisconsin.

    This 150+ page book is 9x12 and professionally bound with easy to read charts.

    SchoolFacts provides one-stop information for all you need to know about Wisconsin's public school districts.

    SchoolFacts is published annually and enables you to compare districts and benchmark performance on staffing, pay, spending, taxes and test scores, among many other measures.

    Purchasers of SchoolFacts also get access to specialized reports for an additional fee. You can purchase a custom report that allows you to compare your district to nine others of your choice. You can also purchase a report showing how your district changed over a 10-year period. Information on how to order these reports are included in the book.


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