MunicipalFacts Book MunicipalFacts09

July 2009
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  • Summary
  • MunicipalFacts09 examines patterns and trends in municipal finance for 236 of Wisconsin's most populous cities and villages.

    Included in the analysis are expenditures, property taxes and values, shared revenues, debt, and income for communities with populations between 2,000 and 150,000. Because of their size and unique characteristics, Milwaukee and Madison are excluded.

    This 112-page, 9x12 professionally bound book is published annually. The data is organized in easy to read charts that allow you to review your municipality's expenditures in many categories (police, fire, ambulance, general government, etc.) and compare them with peers. It includes per capita figures for easy comparisons.

    It includes a narrative with clear explanations of what each spending and revenue category means so you'll be able to follow the finances of your local municipality like never before.

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