Focus Newsletter Wisconsin's coming choice - grasshopper or ant?

November 13, 2012  •  Vol. 2012 No. 21
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  • Over the past three decades, state officials of both parties have often budgeted to the brink, unable to maintain the reserves fiscal experts recommend as necessary protection in the case of severe recession. Entering the most recent downturn, Wisconsin and Arkansas had the smallest budget balances relative to spending of any states in the nation. The result was unnecessarily large spending cuts and tax hikes. The Badger State has long had laws on the books that promote fiscal prudence. With 2013-15 budget preparations underway, state leaders have the option of fully using these tools for the first time.

  • Todd A. Berry

    Wisconsin's Coming Choice: Grasshopper or Ant?

    An article by Todd A. Berry, President, Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (587 words)

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