Legislative Directory 2015-16 Legislative and Congressional Directory

January 2015
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    The 2015-16 Legislative and Congressional Directory has detailed maps of all of the new Senate and Assembly districts. And, it gives vote shares from the 2014 election. Thus, this 24-page directory is the most complete guide for contacting your state and federal elected officials for 2015-16.

    The Directory includes names, district maps, office phone numbers, home addresses, e-mail addresses and the most recent election results for all 132 members of the Wisconsin Legislature.

    It lists legislative committees and committee chairs, contact information for key state agencies, and easy-to-read maps showing where lawmakers' districts begin and end.

    The Directory is made of durable paper stock and measures 8 1/2 x 11. It is published once every two years following the fall legislative elections. 

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  • Todd A. Berry or Dale J. Knapp

    New Legislative Directory -- Coming in mid-January 2015

    Includes District Maps, Election Results, and Contact Information for Legislators

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    MADISON—After the November elections, do you know who represents you in Madison, or who chairs the legislative committee whose work particularly interests you? Do you want to know what other communities are in your senate or assembly district?

    The 2015-16 Wisconsin Legislative & Congressional Directory makes it easy to identify and contact your Wisconsin and U.S. representatives. The new directory, from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WISTAX), is a comprehensive guide to the new legislature.

    The WISTAX directory lists all members of the 2015-16 state legislature, as well as other constitutional officials. This easy-to-use publication features maps of each of the state’s 33 senate districts and underlying 99 assembly districts. In addition, each legislator’s party affiliation, home address, and office phone number are provided, as are the state senate and assembly committee chairs, legislative leaders, service agencies, and select state departments. Most recent election results for all 132 state legislators and contact information for the congressional delegation are also included in the 24-page directory.

    The 2015-16 Wisconsin Legislative Directory makes it easy for citizens to participate in their government. Whether you want to discuss pending legislation with your representative or just brush up on your knowledge of Wisconsin government, the new directory serves your needs. It is published biennially by WISTAX, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to public-policy research and citizen education.

    To order, send $3.95 (includes sales tax and shipping) to WISTAX, 401 North Lawn Ave., Madison, WI 53704-5033. For more information on discounts available for bulk purchases, email wistax@wistax.org, visit www.wistax.org, or phone 608.241.9789.

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