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Why Become a Contributor?

Join thousands of other civic-minded citizens across Wisconsin who sustain a nonpartisan group that researches and publicizes information about state and local government finances.

What Will I Receive?

  • The Wisconsin Taxpayer for one year. Our monthly eight-page magazine is Wisconsin's "Bible" on government finance.
  • The Focus for one year. Our bi-weekly, two-page newsletter covers current legislative developments - from tax reform to state spending trends.
  • A copy of The Framework of Your Wisconsin Government, a citizen manual that demystifies state and local government, taxes and spending.
  • Access to a first rate research staff. As a WISTAX member, you can think of us as "your government-research office in Madison."
  • Plus . . . use of a speakers bureau for your program needs, discounts on selected WISTAX publications and support of our education programs in Wisconsin schools.