Changing migration patterns?

Is Wisconsin becoming a destination state? With its cold and snowy winters, probably not. However, recent estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau show more people moved to the Badger State than left it in 2011. This was a reversal from the six prior years, when the opposite occurred – more people left the state than moved in.

According to Census figures for 2011, 109,439 people moved from one of the other 49 states or the District of Columbia (DC) to Wisconsin, while 105,370 moved from Wisconsin to another state or DC. The net inflow of just over 4,000 people was a stark change from the average net loss of 10,000 people per year during 2005-10.

The reversal of migration patterns was due to both (1) more people moving here than in the past and (2) fewer people leaving. The 109,439 new residents was about 10,000 more than the 99,300 average during 2005-10, while the 105,370 leavers was approximately 4,000 fewer than the 2005-10 average (109,500).

A one year change is obviously not a pattern. Yet it is a refreshing change after years of net outmigration.

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